The best eye brush sets for makeup beginners

Hello guys! This post is for you guys that are makeup rookies and want a good eye brush set to start doing eyeshadow looks. This list will help you tremendously as those brushes are all good quality with varying prices for every budget. Those sets all have versatile range of brushes that each has a different purpose so it’ll be easy for you to identify which is used for what. Now let’s go with the list, shall we?


  • Essential 7-piece brush set by BH Cosmetics

This brush set is the least expensive of the list but that doesn’t mean these brushes aren’t good. This was my first brush set and it helped me pratice my eyeshadow game with its 7 seven versatile brushes (it contains exactly 2 blending brushes, 2 shading brushes, 1 pencil brush and 2 liner brushes). They’re surprisingly good and if you’re on a budget you won’t regret spending only 9,99$ on this set (available here).

bh cosmetics
Essential 7-piece brush set by BH Cosmetics


  • Rose Gold Basic Eye Brush Set by Luxie Beauty 

With this set you’ll get 2 shader brushes, 2 blending brushes and 2 brushes for detail work/liner of amazing quality. Luxie Beauty is known for their amazing brushes and the design with the rose gold ferules and the pink handles is to die for. The set retails for 50$ (you can get it here) and is cruelty-free which is always a bonus.

Rose Gold Basic Eye Brush Set by Luxie Beauty



  • Basic Eyes Kit by Sigma Beauty 

Sigma Beauty has been in the game for awhile and as you know, their brushes are a must in a makeup collection thanks to their amazing quality. In my opinion, this makes this 77$ brush set totally worth it. If you buy this, you’ll get 2 blending brushes, 2 shader brushes, 2 liner/detail work brushes and 1 pencil brush. These brushes are very durable and you’ll make a good investment when buying this kit (available here).

Basic Eyes Kit by Sigma Beauty



  • Classic Eye Set by Zoeva 

This last set is from Zoeva. Zoeva is incredibly underrated as a brand so trust me when I say these brushes deserve your attention. In this set, you’ll get 6 very well-made brushes (2 blending brushes, 1 shader brush, 2 liner brushes and 1 brow brush) with a pouch in faux leather (that doesn’t feel cheap at all) to store them in. I personally have this brush set and I am obsessed with it. Plus, the price (45,50$ when you buy it here) is very decent considering the quality of the brushes and the free pouch.

classic_eye_set_ zoeva
Classic Eye Set by Zoeva



There you have it. I truly hope it helps you if you’re makeup beginner or if you’re just looking for good brushes. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. xoxo



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